No VPN Toofan Tunnel Vpn New Ip

November 5, 2018 0 By admin

Toofan VPN Tunnel No VPN Ip

All Settings For WiFi And Etisalat Data User

Toofan VPN Tunnel No VPN Ip

Change If You Facings Problem With Our Old Ip Please Flow Us Hare Is Some New Ip


Flow Hare Settings Steps By Steps

Go To Setting Seen Hare Option VPN.

Selects VPN Bouton After Flow 2 Nd Steps

#2 Steps 2nd Click + Logo After Open VPN Profile


Type: PPTP

Server Address: Flow Any Ip ?

User Name: Your Toofan Vpn User

Password: Your Toofan Vpn Password

Then Save This Profile

#3 Steps 3Rd Click NOVPN

Thrn Open This Profile Again

Click Connect Options

#4 Steps 4Th Already Done If Everything Do Well

If You Don’t Understand I Mentioned A Apps For Better Understand ✅?

#VPN Shortcut[appbox googleplay com.kavinzaho.vpnshortcut]

Toofan VPN Rate Plan For All:

1/ 100 Voucher 420 Derham

2/ 50 Voucher 220 Derham

3/ 25 Voucher 120 Derham

4/ 10 Voucher 55 Derham

5/ 1 Voucher 10 Derham

Buy Online 1 Month Single User 3$

Download Toofan VPN Blue 3 Apps

Toofan Black 19 Apps Download