Toofan Blue 6 Apk, Download Latest Update August 01/08/2018

Toofan Blue 6 Apk, Download Latest Update August 01/08/2018

November 5, 2018 0 By admin

Toofan Blue 6 Apk, Download Latest Update August 01/08/2018

toofan blue 6

Toofan Blue 6 Apk, Download Latest Update August 01/08/2018 ,

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#TOOFAN Tunnel

↻ TOOFAN Tunnel
Developer: TunnelGuru
Price: To be announced

Apps Info:

TOOFAN Tunnel is a A Lightweight High Speed HTTP Tunnel for Android using HTTP CONNECT Method

For User ID / Password Please Email to :
[ This Application is available only for very few countries at this moment. ]

Tunnel Features

A super fast HTTP Tunnel using HTTP CONNECT Method
Low RAM , Battery consumption
High Speed
Works good in low speed mobile network
Change your location ; Protect your privacy.
Tunnel Server location in multiple countries.
All Servers are deployed in 1 Gbps network.
A simple and easy to use tunnel for your phone and tablet.

This App needs a few permissions including:

Access External Storage.
Access Network.

For any Issue please contact Support:

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